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[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 59

Keywords: atari; ihe; data; poke; disk; reh; program; user; atari user; theh; accessory shop; medium high; low medium; data poke; data creator; word processor; paul rixon; number sorting; display data
Downloads: 508
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 54

Keywords: atari; data; disk; ihe; game; user; poke; graphics; program; atari user; original price; rom cartridge; disk original; fun school; press fire; light gun; flight simulator; silica systems; random numbers
Downloads: 500
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 40

Keywords: atari; data; disk; user; poke; program; games; stos; software; atari user; machine code; disk drive; sound effects; news station; flight simulator; public domain; credit card; john sweeney; disk box
Downloads: 476
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 23

Keywords: data; atari; program; disk; software; programs; screen; graphics; printer; vip professional; machine code; disk drive; public domain; source code; mail order; esc ctrl; ultima iii; black cauldron
Downloads: 472
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 35

Keywords: data; atari; disk; program; poke; game; software; programs; screen; machine code; disk drive; public domain; atari user; turbo basic; word processor; word processing; user group; jumble cell; character sets
Downloads: 430
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 50

Keywords: data; atari; disk; game; arc; games; software; user; program; atari user; rom cartridge; power supply; original price; machine code; smash hits; disk drive; english software; turbo basic; flight simulator
Downloads: 425
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 60

Keywords: atari; disk; print; ihe; data; program; game; user; games; atari user; input; machine code; hypnotic land; disk drive; rom cartridge; daisy dot; accessory shop; public domain; air warrior; hard disk
Downloads: 407
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 46

Keywords: atari; data; disk; program; poke; user; games; game; software; atari user; disk drive; clip art; public domain; word processing; music making; john sweeney; blue key; rom cartridge; exploding wall
Downloads: 407
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 16

Keywords: atari; poke; gosub; data; program; goto; disk; software; published; data data; disk drive; atari basic; operating system; character set; atari computer; tool kit; scott adams; machine code
Downloads: 396
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 24

Keywords: data; atari; program; disk; poke; goto; software; gosub; position; theh; cheque book; entertainment entertainment; disk drive; speed check; print shop; machine language; adventure writing; theh goto; main screen; atari users
Downloads: 387
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 26

Keywords: data; program; atari; disk; theh; poke; graphics; reh; goto; hard disk; entertainment entertainment; fast basic; data data; print shop; typesetter elite; object code; disk drive; source writer; machine code
Downloads: 385
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 32

Keywords: atari; disk; program; theh; data; software; screen; poke; graphics; disk drive; software express; colour monitor; channel number; mono monitor; turbo dizer; atari dos; word processor; mail order; machine code
Downloads: 380
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 56

Keywords: data; atari; program; tlie; disk; poke; graphics; ihe; programs; data data; atari user; machine code; surface shader; model builder; great deal; accessory shop; starter set; rom cartridge; james pond
Downloads: 374
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 53

Keywords: atari; poke; program; data; disk; ihe; graphics; game; user; atari user; rom cartridge; silica systems; public domain; disk drive; sound effects; john young; fun school; flight simulator; original price
Downloads: 346
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 31

Keywords: atari; data; disk; poke; program; simulation; game; software; screen; font factory; character set; pro sound; disk drive; tactical simulation; operational simulation; childlike empress; sound effects; img scan; esc ctrl
Downloads: 339
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 62

Keywords: ihe; atari; disk; data; program; software; user; graphics; game; thai; atari user; sale price; usual price; atari classic; public domain; ihe program; air warrior; word processor; disk drive; rom cartridge
Downloads: 331
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 33

Keywords: atari; data; program; printer; software; graphics; disk; game; object; machine code; disk drive; atari user; program listings; john davison; public domain; flight simulator; dot matrix; third party; mail order
Downloads: 324
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 83

Keywords: atari; user; tlie; disk; futura; software; program; subroutine; byte; arc; atari user; magic square; atari classic; dot graphic; turbo basic; text articles; magic squares; graphic codes; disk drive; years ago
Downloads: 308
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 37

Keywords: atari; data; program; disk; game; software; games; user; midi; atari user; machine code; disk drive; turbo basic; sound source; main program; sprite master; scrolly text; public domain; atari computer
Downloads: 304
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 13

Keywords: data; atari; position; poke; program; goto; disk; color; plot; disk drive; esc ctrl; music maker; machine code; variable checksum; mail order; silica shop; rescue mission; missile graphics; english software
Downloads: 297
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 30

Keywords: atari; data; disk; program; theh; screen; software; reh; graphics; gfa basic; disk drive; high score; super conductor; public domain; atari user; hard disk; user group; precision software; mail order
Downloads: 281
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 45

Keywords: atari; poke; data; disk; goto; screen; program; graphics; user; atari user; rom cartridge; public domain; extra men; word processing; video recorder; john sweeney; sound effects; flight simulator; disk drive
Downloads: 281
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 76

Keywords: atari; macro; disk; user; data; sound; program; screen; poke; atari user; machine code; sound data; sound channel; sound selector; control register; closeout price; inverse characters; hard drive; inverse control
Downloads: 277
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 18

Keywords: data; poke; atari; software; graphics; program; disk; screen; goto; disk drive; display list; operating system; mail order; english software; computer support; text window; scan lines; user group
Downloads: 265
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 85

Keywords: atari; user; program; disk; screen; data; league; option; file; atari user; league table; turbo basic; team names; league tables; display list; disk directory; test card; vbi routine; data file
Downloads: 255
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 15

Keywords: data; atari; poke; program; gosub; goto; disk; position; graphics; machine code; disk drive; low byte; high byte; mail order; double density; esc ctrl; cassette booster; english software; data routine
Downloads: 253
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 57

Keywords: atari; disk; ihe; program; data; game; user; variable; thai; atari user; machine code; original price; screen copy; tiaw rof; shoe people; current variable; blue max; atari basic; arcade game
Downloads: 252
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 28

Keywords: atari; poke; program; disk; data; graphics; reh; theh; screen; entertainment entertainment; word processor; munchy madness; vip professional; mini office; machine code; flight simulator; san francisco; disk drive; meg drive
Downloads: 243
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 52

Keywords: atari; disk; data; game; graphics; program; screen; games; tiaw; atari user; recommended price; rom cartridge; original price; disk drive; sound effects; master cad; display list; damon howarth; personal computer
Downloads: 239
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 21

Keywords: poke; data; atari; program; gosub; software; goto; disk; error; mail order; return rem; flight simulator; disk drive; data data; machine code; esc ctrl; atari computer; radio navigation
Downloads: 230
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 68

Keywords: atari; disk; program; user; poke; data; game; issue; reh; screen; atari user; sale price; disk sale; hard drive; cassette sale; double click; three tor; display list; disk drive; character set
Downloads: 215
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 47

Keywords: data; atari; poke; disk; tlie; program; pata; user; software; atari user; rom cartridge; fun school; public domain; machine code; error aid; star raiders; music making; grand prix; disk drive
Downloads: 209
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 41

Keywords: atari; disk; data; program; oooo; user; game; games; software; programs; atari user; machine code; disk drive; mini office; public domain; indiana jones; sound effects; code library; video effects; source code
Downloads: 197
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 39

Keywords: atari; disk; data; program; theh; game; games; software; poke; atari user; machine code; ooff ooff; oofb oofb; player missile; public domain; disk drive; turbo basic; mini office; jade stone
Downloads: 191
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 51

Keywords: atari; poke; disk; program; screen; graphics; game; ffbb; atari user; machine code; ffbb ffbb; bbff bbff; nepo rood; rom cartridge; display list; turbo basic; hsup muludnep; public domain
Downloads: 190
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 04

Keywords: atari; poke; gosub; graphics; program; position; goto; disk; screen; graphics mode; character set; key number; screen memory; magic square; graphics modes; user group; memory mapped; memory locations; display list
Downloads: 190
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 01

Keywords: atari; poke; graphics; position; rom; magazine; goto; refl; color; software; rom rom; graphics modes; atari enthusiasts; user groups; stan ockers; atari computer; start writing; space invaders; set color; secret code
Downloads: 187
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 63

Keywords: atari; disk; poke; ihe; reh; program; user; theh; atari user; graphics; rom cartridge; atari classic; public domain; machine code; accessory shop; theh gosub; programming language; light gun; keyboard lock
Downloads: 184
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 19

Keywords: data; atari; poke; goto; disk; software; program; graphics; position; macro assembler; disk drive; mail order; machine code; fighter pilot; character set; vertical blank; summer games; speech synthesiser; sound effects
Downloads: 183
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 66

Keywords: atari; disk; graphics; poke; game; program; user; screen; midi; atari user; atari classic; rom cartridge; screen ram; display list; micro discount; disk directory; machine code; public domain; disk drive
Downloads: 176
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 67

Keywords: atari; disk; ihe; graphics; issue; user; program; poke; game; thai; atari user; atari classic; display list; rom cartridge; zip file; turbo basic; sound source; scan lines; micro discount; atari basic
Downloads: 175
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 74

Keywords: atari; user; poke; screen; disk; graphics; ren; ces; printer; atari user; closeout price; machine code; star trek; display list; star wars; keyboard lock; tower toppler; copies left; text window
Downloads: 174
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 84

Keywords: atari; routine; user; disk; program; basic; futura; usr; lda; internet; atari user; machine code; odd byte; kevin cooke; code routine; turbo basic; input file; pla sta; software scene; screen colour
Downloads: 173
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 61

Keywords: ihe; data; atari; disk; user; program; poke; games; thai; atari user; ihv ctrl; atari classic; video master; original price; display list; disk drive; slime blasters; rom cartridge; esc ctrl
Downloads: 172
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 43

Keywords: atari; disk; data; reh; poke; games; program; user; game; atari user; machine code; disk drive; display list; reh lda; public domain; scenery disk; flight simulator; mountain bike; mini office
Downloads: 171
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 44

Keywords: atari; disk; program; data; goto; ihe; games; game; user; atari user; theh goto; scenery disk; machine code; credit card; mini office; desk accessories; scary school; card orders; paul rixon
Downloads: 161
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 70

Keywords: atari; user; disk; program; game; midi; graphics; classic; lhe; atari user; silicon dreams; system exclusive; public domain; atari classic; music player; word processor; video game; space station; space invaders
Downloads: 158
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 38

Keywords: atari; data; poke; disk; user; software; program; games; graphics; atari user; disk drive; turbo basic; machine code; public domain; operating system; educational software; rem poke; atari computer
Downloads: 157
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 12

Keywords: data; poke; atari; disk; program; goto; ctrl; software; graphics; disk drive; enemy gangster; rescue mission; esc ctrl; write protect; service centre; graphics mode; competition winner; atari computer
Downloads: 156
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 14

Keywords: atari; poke; goto; gosub; data; disk; program; software; position; disk drive; machine code; character set; atari owners; machine language; golden baton; touch tablet; theh gosub; esc ctrl; mail order
Downloads: 155
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